Welcome to PersonalSEO.net. Personal SEO can include reputation management, personal brand architecture, and crisis management. If you’re new, you may want to check out the Personal SEO blog.

PersonalSEO.net is the consulting firm of A.E. Baxter, an SEO and social media marketing specialist in Austin, TX. If you’re in need of personal SEO or reputation management, please contact me for a proposal. Every situation is different. I’d love to help you explore the opportunities for your personal brand!

What is personal SEO?

Personal search engine optimization is a way for you to take control of your personal brand. Large businesses and corporations have whole SEO teams at their disposal monitoring how their sites rank for specific keywords and phrases. Individuals have a much harder time wading through the vast amount of knowledge regarding SEO and search engine rankings to discover how to define and manage their personal brand. If you’ve ever Googled yourself and been less than happy with the results, you’ve discovered a need for personal SEO.

Who needs personal SEO?

Would you like to see different results under a Google search for your name or your business name? Would you like the ability to monitor what’s being said about you or your business on the web and in the blogosphere? Would you like to elevate certain links to the first page of Google results for your name or your business name? Personal SEO is an affordable solution.

Please contact me for more information.


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